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Amounts may be adjusted as transactions are reconciled.

Negative amounts will occur when grants are on a reimbursement basis.
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 Stimulus Program Tracking
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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Program Tracking (as of May 25, 2020) 
Click on a program's amount received to view revenue detail or click on a program's payments total to view payment detail. (73 item(s) returned)    
Program NameAmount ReceivedPayments TotalBalance
AMERICAN STATE GEOLOGISTS(ASG) $247,138.31$247,138.31$0.00
AMERICORPS $823,458.67$823,458.67$0.00
AQUACULTURE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM $111,873.71$111,873.71$0.00
BROADBAND TECHNOLOGY OPPORTUNITIES PRG $11,363,494.70$11,363,494.70$0.00
BUDGET STABILIZATION EDUCATION $753,180,994.75$753,180,994.75$0.00
BUDGET STABILIZATION GENERAL SERVICES $167,725,908.53$167,725,908.53$0.00
BUDGET STABILIZATION STATE FISCAL RELIEF$1,555,076,625.31$1,554,714,480.43$362,144.88
BUILDING ENERGY CODES $155,581.67$155,581.67$0.00
CHILD CARE DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT $38,682,647.92$38,684,445.00($1,797.08)
CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT ASSISTANCE $29,280,453.92$28,969,481.98$310,971.94
CLEAN WATER STATE REVOLVING FUND $108,641,800.00$108,641,800.00$0.00
COBRA BENEFITS SUBSIDY $1,443,109.37$1,443,109.37$0.00
COMMODITY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM-ADMIN GRANT$1,496,218.70$1,496,199.00$19.70
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT $6,433,659.12$6,433,659.12$0.00
COMMUNITY SERVICES BLOCK GRANT $27,668,762.09$27,668,762.09$0.00
CRIME VICTIMS ASST-FORMULA GRANT $900,770.99$900,770.99$0.00
CRIME VICTIMS COMPENSATION GRANT $954,695.52$954,695.52$0.00
DIESEL EMISSION REDUCTION ACT GRANTS $2,705,709.16$2,705,709.16$0.00
EARLY CHILDHOOD ADVISORY COUNCIL $878,283.98$878,283.98$0.00
EDUC TECHNOLOGY GRANTS-TITLE IID K-12 $8,918,989.49$8,918,989.49$0.00
EDUCATION GRANTS FOR HOMELESS YOUTH $1,064,881.35$1,064,881.35$0.00
EDWARD BYRNE JUSTICE ASSISTANCE GRANT $25,606,580.16$25,604,968.79$1,611.37
EMPLOYMENT SRVS WAGNER-PEYSER $7,400,396.38$7,400,396.38$0.00
ENERGY APPLIANCE REBATE $5,467,951.27$5,467,951.27$0.00
ENERGY ASSURANCE PLAN $652,562.33$652,774.14($211.81)
ENERGY EFFIC/RENEW ENERGY - CONS BLO $17,588,130.36$17,588,966.33($835.97)
FEDERAL AVIATION-GRANTS TO AIRPORTS $5,174,073.00$5,174,073.00$0.00
FEDERAL EDUCATION JOBS $192,530,651.99$192,530,651.99$0.00
FEDERAL RAILROAD ADMIN $40,902,273.43$40,938,754.34($36,480.91)
FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE $144,903.17$144,903.17$0.00
FMAP EXTENDED $279,148,869.94$279,148,869.94$0.00
HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY $335,437,760.52$335,010,087.48$427,673.04
HIGHWAY INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS $639,163,384.57$639,159,823.93$3,560.64
HOMELESSNESS PREVENTION FUND $9,831,876.45$10,019,775.55($187,899.10)
IDEA-INFANT, PRESCHOOL, K-12 $243,037,541.32$243,037,541.32$0.00
IMMUNIZATION AND DISEASE PREVENT GRANTS $4,915,709.65$4,915,709.65$0.00
LEAKING UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANKS $3,254,295.40$3,254,295.40$0.00
MO NATIONAL GUARD-OP AND MAINT $649,777.01$649,777.01$0.00
NAT'L SCHOOL LUNCH PRG: EQUIP GRANTS $1,836,467.43$1,836,467.43$0.00
NATIONAL EMERG WIA GRANT $3,270,605.59$3,270,605.59$0.00
NATIONAL ENDOWMENT OF THE ARTS $320,207.95$320,207.95$0.00
PUBLIC DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS $37,862,021.75$37,862,021.75$0.00
QUALIFYING INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM PAYMENT $8,061,114.35$8,061,114.35$0.00
SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMS $46,118,988.06$46,118,988.06$0.00
SENIOR NUTRITION PROGRAMS $1,917,189.00$1,917,189.00$0.00
SHALLOW CO2 INJECTION $6,999.52$6,999.52$0.00
STATE & LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT $3,521,250.08$3,521,250.08$0.00
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Some federal benefits administered by the state are never deposited in the state treasury and are therefore not appropriated by the General Assembly. In addition, not all ARRA expenditures reported on this site can be included in the state's quarterly Section 1512 reports. Therefore, this site reports both receipts and expenditures that will not be included in reports of state appropriation activity or in the state's 1512 reports.
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