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Expenditures by Date for CITY OF SUNSET HILLS (as of May 31, 2023)             
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Local Government NameExpenditure DateVendor NamePurposeFund NumberFundAccount NumberAccountDepartment NumberDepartmentAmount
CITY OF SUNSET HILLS10/31/202211854 - UNITED RENTALS (NORTH AMERICA)HALLOWEEN BUSNULLGeneral Fund01-8000-7910Special Program Exp_Parks GeneralNULLParks and Recreation$751.75
CITY OF SUNSET HILLS10/31/202212884 - SYDNEY KURTZDRIVING RANGENULLGeneral Fund01-8013-6732Maint/Repair - Grounds_Driving RangeNULLParks and Recreation$756.00
CITY OF SUNSET HILLS10/31/202211997 - SiteOne Landscape SupplyPLAYGROUNDNULLGeneral Fund01-8008-6732Maint/Repair - Grounds_Minnie Ha HaNULLParks and Recreation$1,198.35
CITY OF SUNSET HILLS10/31/202212949 - MILLIKAN LAW OFFICE, LLCJUDGE FOR NOVEMBERNULLGeneral Fund01-7000-6012Judge RetainerNULLMunicipal Court$1,400.00
CITY OF SUNSET HILLS10/31/202211468 - REJIS COMMISSIONREJIS SERVICESNULLGeneral Fund01-6000-6135Computer Subscription_PD GeneralNULLPublic Safety$2,952.05
CITY OF SUNSET HILLS10/31/202211703 - SUN BADGE COMPANYAUTISM AWARENESS BADGESNULLGeneral Fund01-6000-7057Uniforms_Public SafetyNULLPublic Safety$3,554.85
CITY OF SUNSET HILLS10/31/202214369 - CBIZ BENEFITS AND INSURANCE SERVICES, INC.EB CONSULTING 10/22 - 12/22NULLGeneral Fund01-9000-5212Employee Benefits Admin FeesNULLNon-Departmental$5,850.00
CITY OF SUNSET HILLS10/31/202211941 - TRAFFIC AND PARKING CONTROL CO., INC.TRAFFIC AND PARKING CONTROL CO., INC. ReversalNULLGeneral Fund01-8013-6732Maint/Repair - Grounds_Driving RangeNULLParks and Recreation($72.08)
CITY OF SUNSET HILLS10/31/202211468 - REJIS COMMISSION#149 ID BADGENULLGeneral Fund01-6000-7057Uniforms_Public SafetyNULLPublic Safety$11.50
CITY OF SUNSET HILLS10/31/202213714 - AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES, INC.LIGHT BULBSNULLGeneral Fund01-6010-6733Maint/Repair - Building_PD BldgNULLPublic Safety$13.49

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